PROJECT NAME: US30BY (Sandy Blvd): MP 9.20 – MP 14.52
PROJECT TYPE: ARTS Systemic – Intersections

  • Install illumination at 72nd Ave, 102nd Ave, and 162nd Ave
  • Install reflectorized back plates, supplemental signal head, and lenses from 8 inches to 12 inches at 60th Ave, Cully Blvd, 72nd Ave, 82nd Ave, Columbia Parkway southbound, Columbia Parkway/89th northbound, I-205 southbound, I-205 northbound/Sandy Blvd, 102nd Ave, 112th Ave, 138th Ave, 148th Ave, and 162nd Ave
  • Install advance intersection warning signs, increase the size of stop signs, and properly place stop bar at Simpson/65th Ave

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