PROJECT NAME: Rural Corridor E: 14 Intersections
PROJECT TYPE: ARTS Systemic – Intersection
AGENCY: Clackamas County
PROPOSED SOLUTION: Install advance intersection warning signs, advance “Stop Ahead” signs, advance “Stop Ahead” intersection striping legend, double arrow warning signs at “T” intersections at the intersections, and increase stop sign size at the following intersections: Amisigger at Judd, Eagle Creek at Currin, Eagle Creek at Duus, Eagle Creek at River Mill, Firwood at Bornstedt, Kelso at Amisigger, Kelso at Richey, Kelso at Tickle Creek, Kelso at 312th, Kelso at Orient, Orient at Bobby Bruce, Orient at Compton, Orient at Revenue, and Wildcat Mountain at Eagle Fern.

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