PROJECT NAME: Curve Warning Signs on Highways throughout the County
TYPE: ARTS Systemic – Roadway Departure
JURISDICTION: Washington County
PROPOSED SOLUTION: Install enhanced curve warning signs on 185th Ave: TV Hwy-Gassner; Clark Hill: Scholls Ferry-Farmington; Edy: Lebeau-Sherwood jurisdiction; Farmington: Hwy 219-209th Ave; Gales Creek: Thatcher-Hwy 6; Jackson School: Evergreen-Shadybrook; Leahy: Barnes-107th; Mountaindale: North-Wilkesboro; Patton Valley: Old Hwy 47-Cherry Grove; Purdin: Hwy 47-Thatcher; Rood Bridge: Farmington-Hillsboro jurisdiction; Spring Hill: Old Hwy 47-County Line; Susbauer: Zion Church-Cornelius jurisdiction; Tile Flat: Scholls Ferry-Farmington.
SCOPED COST: $156,700
ARTS FUNDING: $144,500
LOCAL MATCH: $12,200

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