Projects in the Pavement Preservation program improve the safety of the state highway system by improving conditions related to the roadway surface (ruts, slick surfaces, drainage problems, cracks, and potholes) as well as funding a limited number of safety items like durable striping, guardrail, roadside obstacle removal, and slope flattening. Project selection is driven by the Pavement Management System, which tracks the pavement conditions.

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Projects on the Draft 100% List for the 2019-2021 selection cycle:

The 150% List shows additional projects that were removed from further consideration. Only projects on the 100% List will move forward to design and/or construction.
The Region 1 STIP Book provides details on 2016-2018 STIP cycle project selection and showcases Region 1 projects that were added to the STIP during the update. The projects in the Region 1 STIP Book were added to the 2015-2018 STIP (current) which was approved by the Oregon Transportation Commission in December 2014 and approved by the US Department of Transportation in May 2015.
Since the adoption of the 2015-2018 STIP projects may have changed, been added, or removed. The official approved ‘2015-2018 Final STIP’ and ‘2015-2018 Final STIP as Amended’ are available on ODOT’s Statewide STIP website.