PROJECT NAME: US30BY (Lombard) at Chautauqua
ISSUE: Old signal, mix of span wire on utility poles & mast arms, signal pole in NE quadrant visibly leaning
PURPOSE AND NEED: Risk of leaning pole failing, potentially with impacts to utility poles that are also part of span system. Substandard signal heads may currently be contributing to crashes, which would only be corrected if signal heads are replaced. Will continue to be costly/difficult to maintain.
PROPOSED SOLUTION: Full signal upgrade, ADA improvements, utility conflict resolution, and systemic signal improvements; coordinated with other projects on Lombard
TOTAL COST: $1,520,973
Note: This project was leveraged with the Lombard Safety Extension State Highway System Leverage project. The Leverage project, two Operations projects (Lombard at Fiske, Lombard at Chautauqua) and one Safety/ARTS projects (Lombard at Peninsular and Greeley) were combined for the purpose of project delivery.

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