PROJECT NAME: US30 at Bridge Avenue Ramps
ISSUE: There is no catchment at the base of the steep rock slopes along the north and south approach ramps to the St. Johns Bridge on Bridge Avenue. Rocks frequently fall from the oversteepened cut slopes and impact the travel lanes. Rockfall occurs as individual rocks or large failures that can result in extensive closure of the ramps. The frequency and severity of rockfall along this section of highway appears to be increasing.
PURPOSE AND NEED: Rockfall impacts traveler safety, travel time, and transportation system operations. Small rockfall have closed the highway for a portion of a day: Large rockfall can result in an extended closure.
PROPOSED SOLUTION: Remove hazard trees, install pinned mesh.
TOTAL COST: $657,504
Note: This project was selected to be part of the ODOT shelf program. The allocated funding pays for the design phase of the project. This approach allows ODOT to have shovel ready projects that will be ready to go to construction once additional funding is available.

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