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In 2012, the Oregon Transportation Commission (OTC) and Oregon Department of Transportation (ODOT) changed how the State Transportation Improvement Program (STIP) was developed. Instead of pooling projects into specialty programs, the OTC divided STIP funding into two broad categories: Fix-It and Enhance. The Enhance Program funds activities that enhanced, expanded, or improved the transportation system. The Enhance process is a significant change and reflected ODOT’s goal to become a more multi-modal agency and make investment decisions based on the system as a whole, not for each mode or project type separately.

The Enhance Program was first implemented during the 2016-2018 STIP process. To learn more about the 2016-2018 Enhance process and projects selected click here.

Significant changes have been made to the Enhance Program for the 2019-2021 STIP Process due to funding constraints. To learn what has changed, visit the ODOT STIP What’s Changed site at here.



In July, the OTC revised the funding allocations and programmatic elements for the 2018-2021 STIP. Given the condition of the transportation system, the OTC allocated the majority of funds towards preserving the existing system, including Fix-It funds for transit, Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) compliant ramps, and leverage funds to improve planned Fix-It projects. Therefore, the Enhance program for 2019-2021 will fund only non-highway projects. Region 1’s allocation within the 2019-2021 Enhance Program totals $10.68 million.

Enhance Proposals were due by noon on November 20, 2015. ODOT Region 1 received 21 proposals submissions. Proposals were limited to bike, ped, and transit improvements. To learn more about the proposal requirements, please read the Enhance Guidance to Proposers.

Summary of 2019-2021 Enhance Proposals Submitted for Funding Consideration


On February 1, 2016, the Region 1 Area Commission on Transportation (R1ACT) approved the Enhance 2019-2021 150% List. On June 6, 2016, the R1ACT met to review updates project scopes and cost estimates. At that meeting, the R1ACT voted on the funding recommendations for the Enhance 2019-2021 100% List.


Draft Enhance 100% List for 2019-2021 (PDF)
I-205 Undercrossing (Sullivan’s Gulch) (City of Portland)
May Street Elevated Sidewalk Replacement (City of Hood River)
OR8 Corridor Safety & Access to Transit II (Washington County)
OR43 Multimodal Transportation Project (City of West Linn)
Seventies Neighborhood Greenway (City of Portland)
Stark Street Multimodal Connections (Multnomah County)


If you have questions about the Enhance process, please contact the Region Enhance Program Manager or Coordinator.

Region 1 Enhance Program Manager: Kelly Brooks
Email: Kelly.BROOKS@odot.state.or.us
Phone: 503.731.3087
Region 1 Enhance Coordinator: Talena Adams
Email: Talena.E.ADAMS@odot.state.or.us
Phone: 503.731.8235

The Region 1 STIP Book provides details on 2016-2018 STIP cycle project selection and showcases Region 1 projects that were added to the STIP during the update. The projects in the Region 1 STIP Book were added to the 2015-2018 STIP (current) which was approved by the Oregon Transportation Commission in December 2014 and approved by the US Department of Transportation in May 2015.
Since the adoption of the 2015-2018 STIP projects may have changed, been added, or removed. The official approved ‘2015-2018 Final STIP’ and ‘2015-2018 Final STIP as Amended’ are available on ODOT’s Statewide STIP website.